Our Enrichment Program is very unique!

We offer Reading & Music lessons right here at the center.  We also are open to the community for private lessons.  

If you are a part of the River Oaks family and you sign up for one or both enrichment classes, your child will learn:

Music:  Your child will learn how to play the piano keyboard and also learn how to read simple music symbols.  

Reading:  Focus on phonics, letter recognition, letter sounds, blends, sight words, understanding simple sentences and stories.

Our enrichment classes helps concentration, creativity, eye-hand coordination, discipline, self confidence, memory development, self esteem, rhythms, sociability and personal satisfaction.  We will help your child be 'ONE STEP AHEAD' of their peers. 

We also have our ALIVE STUDIOS!  This is where learning comes ALIVE for our young children.  The 3D without glasses augmented reality feature, is a fun new engaging way for children to learn letters, numbers, simple sentences and have a very interactive story time adventure!  Our students are enthused!  How do we get a room full of young minds interested in learning?  We allow things to come ALIVE!

Technology class!

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